The Older Guy


“ When I was 28, I worked in an office building and met an older guy in his 50’s. We chatted from time to time during the elevator rides and in the cafeteria, but the way we talked made me think the friendship was more of a mentoring and smalltalk deal. We discussed work, current events, and occasionally our families. He said he was happily married, and I told him about my pending divorce. This went on for a couple of months. One Friday evening as we were leaving work, I agreed to getting drinks with him. We made more smalltalk until I was close to finishing my drink. At that point, after telling me how much I reminded him of his daughter, he proposed we have an affair. He said we could meet someplace and have fun, then go our separate ways. Then he leaned in, took a sip of his drink and said: “It could be just like ‘Me and Mrs. Jones.’” as though this were the clincher that would win me over. I asked for the check and left. ”

Quote author: Buzzfeed

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